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How can I remember my child on his/her birthday?

Cremation Ashed to Diamonds

Have a diamond created from the ashes of a loved one and keep them with you forever. As cremation grows in popularity many people are faced with what to do with the ashes. Scattering them in a significant place is an option. However, some family members are reluctant to do so because they will then have nothing left. Using part of the ashes to create a diamond is the perfect solution.

Companies such as LifeGem and Cremation Solutions only need a small portion of the ashes to make the diamond. They use the carbon from them for the process. More than one can be made if you wish. The cremation diamonds can also be made in colors. The gems produced are molecularly the same as natural diamonds and have the same properties.

Wear your loved one next to your heart or on your hand as a daily reminder of their love.

How can I remember my child on his/her birthday?

Memorial Stickers

Everyone has seen the memorial stickers that are made when a well known person dies. Almost every pickup truck had a memorial sticker displayed when Dale Earnhardt was killed.

Did you realize that you can have memorial stickers made for friends and family to use to memorialize your loved one? Many printing companies can supply you with personalized vinyl stickers. Most of them even have templates that are appropriate for a memorial sticker. Check with local printing companies or shop online and ask if they make custom vinyl stickers. Both online and local companies can usually accommodate a rush order for memorial stickers.

Passing out funeral favors is a growing trend. It allows the participants to have a small memento to remember the person. Memorial stickers usually make a well received funeral favor.

How can I memorialize my Child?

Memorial Keepsake Box

Special memorial keepsake boxes are available. They are designed to hold small momentos of your loved one. Things like special photos, rings, locks of hair, dried flowers from the funeral and other precious posessions are kept safe in them. There is often a way to personalize the box with the person's name. Some people find it comforting to make the box themselves and personalize it even more. A small trunk can make a great memorial keepsake box.

How can I remember my child at Christmas?

Make a Memorial Video

Having a memorial video to commemorate the life of the deceased is a wonderful way to remember them. A memorial video usually includes photos of the person throughout their life as well as photos of family and friends. Consider using their favorite music as a soundtrack.

Beyond being a lasting family memento, the trend is towards using these memorial videos at funerals and memorial services. They can also be played at the funeral home during visitations.

Create your own video and take it in any direction that you wish. What has been discussed here is merely a suggestion. Software is available for download to assist you in creating your own memorial video. If it is not possible to do it yourself, there are companies that can make one for you. Many of these companies are listed online or your funeral home director may be able to make a local recommendation.

How can I remember my child at Christmas?

Memorial Ornaments

Buy a special Christmas stocking or tree ornament and have the name of the departed loved one put on it. Most memorial ornaments have a place for engraving at least a name and date. Some have more space so that they can be personalized in any way that you like. They are available in glass, pewter and sterling silver. It can wonderful having something year after year that reminds you and your family of the special person that was in your lives.

How can I remember my child at Christmas?

Memorial Funeral Favors

A growing trend in funerals is to distribute funeral favors to those in attendance.The tradition has developed from the practice of giving favors at gatherings such as weddings which has been around for many years. It is usually a small memorial item to remind the attendee of the person. Funeral favors come in many forms. Some examples are buttons with their picture, a memorial window decal or a candle. In the case of a cremation the ashes are sometimes distributed in mini memorial urns.

How can I memorialize my Child?

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry has been gaining in popularity as the practice of cremation increases. It gives a person a way to keep a momento of their loved close to them.

Cremaiton jewelry comes in many forms. There are tiny urns, vials and lockets. They can be found made from precious metals, ceramics, wood and glass. These pieces of cremation jewelry are worn on necklaces or charm bracelets. Whatever form they take, the purpose is to hold a tiny amount of the cremated remains of the departed loved one.

How can I personalize a funeral or viewing?

Creating a Memorial Display

A personal memorial display can be a comforting and uplifting addition to any viewing or funeral. A memorial display will provide friends and relatives with a glimpse of the loved one in a unique way.

The memorial display will require several long, buffet-type tables (round can be used as well) to display personal articles of the loved one. Set the tables up so they can be viewed as guests wait in line for the viewing or enter for a funeral. Here is a list of items that may be displayed. Be creative and lay them out in a pleasing way:

- Personal belongings of the loved one such as favorite shorts, books, sports attire, homemade items, etc.
- Favorites of the loved one such as posters of their favorite movie, favorite snacks or food, decorations for their favorite place to travel, favorite quotes, etc.

Memorial displays provide a personal closeness to the loved one and lift the heart at a time of sorrow.

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