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Selecting Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are selected by the people in charge of the funeral arrangements. They traditionally include a casket spray and perhaps an easel arrangement. This arrangement stands next to the casket. Sympathy flowers sent by friends and family are usually displayed to the side.

Selecting funeral flower arrangements for a loved one’s funeral is an important part of the process. The flowers chosen will be one of the most eye catching aspects of the viewing and funeral ceremony.

To determine the size of the casket spray, consider whether the casket will be viewed opened or closed. If it will be open, the spray should be able to fit on the bottom half of the casket.

There are many flowers that are traditionally used at funerals. These flowers are considered to have meanings. Roses are very symbolic. White roses mean innocence, yellow ones stand for friendship. Carnations are often used at funerals and have their symbolism as well. White carnations symbolize love. Pink carnations stand for the undying love of a mother.

A professional florist will be able to guide you in the selection of funeral flowers. Search for one that has experience with funeral flower arrangements.

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