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Theme Caskets

A casket doesn't have to be a boring metal or wooden box. Theme caskets are available in many forms. Select a casket that says something about the life or interests of the person who has passed away.

Some theme caskets are simply a traditional casket decorated in a way appropriate to the deceased. They come with golf, racing, military, professional, nature or religious scenes to name a few. There are also humorous ones such as one painted like a delivery box that says, "Return to Sender."

Other theme caskets are more specialize and can be made in almost any shape or form. They are custom made in the shape of boats, cars or just about anything that can be imagined. This type of casket can be very expensive and construction takes time. They work out best when purchased for pre-need or when the funeral can be delayed for at least a week or more.


Types of Funeral Caskets

Many different types of funeral caskets are used in today’s society. The most important thing to know when purchasing a funeral casket is that you are not required to purchase it from the funeral home that is handling the burial. The law states that you have the right to purchase the casket from anywhere that you wish and that the funeral home must make reasonable accommodations to use it.

Traditional Caskets

An image of a traditional casket is probably what comes to your mind when you think of funeral caskets. They are commonly made of finished wood or metal and are lined with padded satin. These can range from a simple design with plain handles up to ones finished with precious metals. The primary purpose of these caskets is to preserve the remains.

Cremation Caskets

Designed to carry the body into the cremation chamber, these caskets are much less elaborate. Funeral caskets designed for cremation are made of natural materials ranging from cardboard to simple pine boxes to materials such as bamboo.

Green Caskets

Green funeral caskets are designed to biodegrade, the direct opposite of a traditional one. The materials used are similar to those used in cremation caskets, plain wood, cardboard or a simple shroud.

Themed Caskets

Imagination is the only limit for themed caskets. They have been made in the shape of cars, boats, and animals among other things.

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