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Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are a new item in burial urns. Use a biodegradable urn to deposit ashes in the sea or in a natural setting. This will prevent the wind from scattering the ashes and allow them to be placed exactly where you want them to go. The urn will then naturally degrade and be safe for the environment. Most of these urns are made from paper or light wood.

Select a shell shaped biodegradable urn for a fitting sea dispersion of cremated remains. It will float for a short while to allow flowers to be scattered with it and then sink to the bottom where it will disintegrate harmlessly. Other shapes are available.

There are many shapes and styles of biodegradable urns. Pick one that is a fitting tribute to your loved one for burial. Some include a place for a picture. When selecting a place to bury the urn check with local authorities for restrictions.


Understanding Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a specific type of cremation. It is done immediately after the body has been released to the funeral director. In this instance, the body is not embalmed.

This form of cremation can be appealing to many people because it is the least expensive form of cremation. The body is not prepared for viewing, there is no casket to purchase, and there is no funeral service.

Because of the speed of the cremation, consideration must be given to the fact that in most cases there will be no opportunity for goodbyes and final viewings. Think about whether this will be appropriate for the situation.

The lack of a funeral service with a direct cremation does not mean that the deceased cannot be memorialized. A celebration of the person's life can be held in the form of a memorial service or wake or any type of service that family and friends feel is appropriate.


What Happens During Cremation

Cremation is simply the burning of human remains. This method of disposing of the dead has been used for many, many years but various cultures.

After the funeral service the body is delivered to a crematorium. This is a place that specializes in and is liscensed to do cremations.

In some places the body is required to be in a simple casket such as one of wood or cardboard. Other places do not require any form of casket.

The body is moved into the furnace chamber and the burning process begins. Only one body is allowed in a chamber at once. It takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours for the process to be completed. Some crematoriums allow family members to be present.

What are commonly refered to as ashes are made up of ash and crushed bones. Some bones do not burn completely and they are put through a crushing mechanism before delivery to the family.

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