Understanding Direct Cremation

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Understanding Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a specific type of cremation. It is done immediately after the body has been released to the funeral director. In this instance, the body is not embalmed.

This form of cremation can be appealing to many people because it is the least expensive form of cremation. The body is not prepared for viewing, there is no casket to purchase, and there is no funeral service.

Because of the speed of the cremation, consideration must be given to the fact that in most cases there will be no opportunity for goodbyes and final viewings. Think about whether this will be appropriate for the situation.

The lack of a funeral service with a direct cremation does not mean that the deceased cannot be memorialized. A celebration of the person's life can be held in the form of a memorial service or wake or any type of service that family and friends feel is appropriate.



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