Relationship after Loss Tips

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How will this affect my marriage?


The way people grieve is different and the loss of a child will make people react in different ways. Speak openly and honestly to your partner about what you are feeling. Remember, you are both experiencing the loss. Communicating your needs and feelings during this time with help you both survive the loss together.

How do I maintain my relationship?

Family Therapist

Look into seeking a family therapist. Loss of a child is a heavy burden to bear. You may feel that your family has been torn apart. Seeking a therapist can help you as an individual, as a couple, and as a family.

How do I maintain my relationship?

Just be together

Take an hour or two where you get out of the house together and enjoy being a couple. Try to put all your worries aside and enjoy the moment that you have.

How do I maintain my relationship?

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Remember each other on Mother's Day and Father's Day. This may seem like a painful thing to do, however a friend said, "the first Mother's Day after my son died, it hurt so much not to receive a card or even be told, "Happy Mother's Day." You are still and always will be parents of your child.

How do I maintain my relationship?

Don't Push Each Other

If you need time alone, or your partner needs time alone, allow it. Do not push each other to hurry up and grieve.

How can this affect my relationship?

How a relationship can be affected

In some cases, the loss of a child causes problems in a relationship. Whether it is one or both partners who are depressed, angry, or hurt, the most important thing to remember is that you can survive this, together. In other cases, the loss of a child brings a couple closer together.

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