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How can I memorialize my Child?

Framed Photo

If you have a special photo or sonogram print out, get it specially framed and display it in a special area of your home. A Friend says: "For me, it symbolized my son watching over our home. I also had a very special Native American verse placed in the frame. It is the verse that helped me the most during my grief".

How can I remember my child at Christmas?

Donate a Toy to a Needy Child in Memory of Your Child

Keep the memory of your child alive and help a needy child at the same time by donating a toy. Most towns and cities have programs for the holidays to benefit needy children. Toys for Tots is a national organization that accepts toys for children. Angel trees can be found in most malls. Select a name from the tree and buy the child a gift to make their holidays special. The recipient doesn't have to know that the gift is in memory of your child. You will know in your heart that it is.

How can I memorialize my Child?

Become a Peer Parent

A wonderful way to not only memorialize your child, but help other grieving parents is to become a peer parent. A friend says; "When my son died, I felt terribly alone. In doing this not only are you helping someone, but also your child is having a positive impact on someone."

Contact your local hospitals, clinics, and Department of Public Heath to locate a program. Explain your personal story to them. Tell they you would like your name and number given to doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. and would like to be contacted if you can help a parent in any way.

How can I remember my child on his/her birthday?

Buy A Newborn or New Mom A Gift

Memoralize your child by setting a tradition of giving a new mother or newborn baby a gift in their memory. Do this on the anniversary of their birth. A friend says, "On Zachary's birthday, I call our local hospital to see if any babys were born. If there were, I send flowers or a baby gift basket. If there was more than one baby born, I send it to the first baby born and send cards to all the other families. If no babies were born that day, I wait until the next birth and send it to them."

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