Creating a Memorial Display

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How can I personalize a funeral or viewing?

Creating a Memorial Display

A personal memorial display can be a comforting and uplifting addition to any viewing or funeral. A memorial display will provide friends and relatives with a glimpse of the loved one in a unique way.

The memorial display will require several long, buffet-type tables (round can be used as well) to display personal articles of the loved one. Set the tables up so they can be viewed as guests wait in line for the viewing or enter for a funeral. Here is a list of items that may be displayed. Be creative and lay them out in a pleasing way:

- Personal belongings of the loved one such as favorite shorts, books, sports attire, homemade items, etc.
- Favorites of the loved one such as posters of their favorite movie, favorite snacks or food, decorations for their favorite place to travel, favorite quotes, etc.

Memorial displays provide a personal closeness to the loved one and lift the heart at a time of sorrow.



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