Cremation Ashed to Diamonds

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How can I remember my child on his/her birthday?

Cremation Ashed to Diamonds

Have a diamond created from the ashes of a loved one and keep them with you forever. As cremation grows in popularity many people are faced with what to do with the ashes. Scattering them in a significant place is an option. However, some family members are reluctant to do so because they will then have nothing left. Using part of the ashes to create a diamond is the perfect solution.

Companies such as LifeGem and Cremation Solutions only need a small portion of the ashes to make the diamond. They use the carbon from them for the process. More than one can be made if you wish. The cremation diamonds can also be made in colors. The gems produced are molecularly the same as natural diamonds and have the same properties.

Wear your loved one next to your heart or on your hand as a daily reminder of their love.



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