Who Has the Right to Decide

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Who makes the funeral arrangements?

Who Has the Right to Decide

Laws governing how a body will be buried exist in every state. In many states you have the right to leave written instructions as to how you want your body handled. Perhaps you have strong feelings about whether you will be buried or cremated or the type of funeral service to be held. This will help insure your wishes are met. While some states do not have this law, it is best to have your wishes outlined in writing. If your case goes to court many judges will consider your written instructions.

Some states have laws that allow you to designate a person to represent you in your body's disposition. This designated agent should be someone that you know will follow your wishes.

The laws are different in every state and cannot be covered here. Check with your state for specifics in your area.



1/25/2008 3:59:45 PM
rp said:

Try the website of the National Funeral Directors assoc. www.nfda.org for your rights and other information. Also almost every state funeral directors assoc. has the info on their website as well.


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