Things to Consider When Selecting a Cemetery

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Things to Consider When Selecting a Cemetery

There are many things that go into choosing a cemetery. Give these topics some thought before making a decision.

  • Location - Select a location that is nearby if routine visits are planned. Most people enjoy visiting the graves of their loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. A grave located in another city will make this difficult.

  • Religion - Consider the religious preferences and beliefs of the deceased. It may be important to them to be in a religious cemetery. Some religions have specific burial requirements and practices that should be followed.

  • Aesthetics - Look around the prospective cemetery and see if you like the way it is landscaped and maintained. Think about whether the deceased person would like it. Check for benches or other comfortable places to sit if you will be visiting often.

  • Security - Give careful consideration to the security of the cemetery. You want to feel safe visiting the grave. There is often security evident in larger cemeteries. It is not as common in smaller ones.

  • Cost - Buying a burial plot is a major investment. Prices can vary widely. Insure that you have been informed of all of the costs associated with the plot before purchasing. There will be ongoing fees for maintenance in most cases.



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