Shock and Numbness

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What are the steps of grieving?

Shock and Numbness

SHOCK NUMBNESS (very high 1st and 2nd week)
This is the first stage of grief. Some feelings often felt in this stage are disbelief, denial, anger, and guild. You may find yourself or your loved ones crying, loss of appetite, limited concentration, sleep disturbances, feeling emotionally “drained”, searching for answers to why and having emotional outbursts. You may choose to be on a sedative such as Valium during this time.



10/2/2006 12:18:02 AM
Suzanne said:

My best friend of 13 years died this morning in a car accident. She was only 18 years old. She had just started college, the only one of her siblings to make something of herself. When I was told a few hours ago, it was like I was hit with a boulder. I don't want to believe it, but I have to, which is what hurts. She was like my twin sister. We were inseperable. I keep teling myself, "This is all a dream. You fell asleep reading and you will wake up and her death will never have happened." Then I realize, I will never wake up to the life I had before this day. My life has taken a sharp turn and I have to face tomorrow. I hope that anyone who is grieving like me knows that I will praying for you because I know how you feel at this moment. Cry the good cry. Fight the good fight. Remember that as long as you keep them in your heart, they will never be entirely gone.
God bless you all. My heart goes out to you.
Love, Suzanne


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