What You Might Experience

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What will I experience throughout grieving?

What You Might Experience

When experiencing a loss, it is natural that many people might suffer one or more of the following:

- Tightness in the throat or heaviness in the chest
- Thumping, erratic heart beats and very aware of all heart actions
- Empty feelings inside your stomach and loss or gain in appetite
- Have pain or nausea in your stomach
- Feeling restless and looking for activity
-Difficulty concentrating
-Feel as if you are “zoning” in and out
- Feel as though the loss isn't real, that it didn't really happen, this is just a bad dream
- Feel dizzy or light headed often
- Seeing or feeling the presence of the person you lost, hearing their laughter or their crying, seeing their faces
- Headaches
-Starting but not following through with things
-Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
-Dreams of the loved one
-Feeling guilty or angry over what happened, that it was them and not you



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