Green Funerals, Not Only Good for the Enviroment

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Green Funerals, Not Only Good for the Enviroment

Green funerals are a growing trend. Going green in various areas of our lives is good for the environment but in many cases it costs more money up front to choose the green alternative. That is not necessarily so when it comes to funerals.

Funerals are often less expensive when you choose to go green. If you select a burial in a natural burial ground you will not be required to purchase a vault. The size of monuments and headstones are usually limited in these burial grounds as well. If natural burial is selected and the burial is done quickly embalming of the body can be eliminated. Caskets used in natural burial grounds are designed to be biodegradable rather than built to last for decades. In some cases it is acceptable to bury the body with no casket at all, only a shroud.

If you are interested in being kinder to the environment, give a green funeral some thought.



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