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Question 1

When there is a death, what is the first thing to do?

You must contact the family to notify.
Now you all must decide if there should be any open casket or closed casket service.
Get to the bottom quick, find out if the deceased wanted embalming or not.
Call a doctor or hospice to verify, call a funeral home to start process of funeral arrangements.
#1 is first, but then, all of the above is the correct answer as well, because all are equally important. But do not make #4 - the part about the call to the funeral home, until you find our number 3 - or if unknown, number 2.

Question 2

When is the best time to go over any funeral desires?

Yes, it is immediatly after the death .
No, it is while the person is alive, to detail what it is they wish, reducing it to paper.
This is something to avoid, it is an unpleasent subject and we don´t need to discuss it.
At the funeral home, the director can just take care of everything - I can´t do this.
Correctly is prior to the death, or the need. Then people are thinking correctly, and overspending is not as often. If you allow the funeral director to handle everything, it will be more costly, and it perhaps will not be a meaningful. You show you care more, when you make the choices.

Question 3

Are there laws that needs to be followed in my state?

Yes, but it won´t concern me, as it is not my place to make any decisions regarding any arrangements.
None that I know of, therefore they do not apply.
Yes, and I can go to the library to check out books that might apply, or call others who know facts.
There are many laws, and there are things that others might tell you are laws - but in fact, are not. The embalming, the use of a grave liner, the right to do things your way, are only a few things one should learn about.

Question 4

Can I change my spouse´s desires on his final arrangements after he left details?

Yes, no matter where or with whom that person left those details with, they are open to change by spouse.
Not at all, they can not be touched.
Yes, to some degree - even if I know it is unethical.
It mostly depends what state you are in, most however, have no protection of stopping any changes.
Surprise - it is not wrote in concrete in most states. The final wishes are not "frozen" even when a burial policy has been bought. The death (in most states) say that ends the obligation - and the body, now become property of the spouse.

Question 5

Are there any sources of help in getting satisfaction if something went wrong at the funeral?

Yes, quite a few.
Not too many, the mortician has the final say.
There should be nothing wrong happening, that mortician is like everyone else, a business owner that needs to please.
The owner of the firm should handle your complaint to satisfaction, if not, there are other sources.
In gaining satisfaction, you should handle this arrangement like any other business deal. If you need sources, email me, as the state you are in might make the resouce be different.

Question 6

How many funerals do you think a person arranges in their lifetime?

three or more
It is three at least, or invoved in more as a friend or family member. Not many though, not enough to get good at it, so people are in the dark often, and at the lowest time in their life. This is why learning about this subject is far better prior to the need to par take in it.

Question 7

Is there another site that can answer more questions in death statistics?

just a few
Yes, this subject is now being talked of more openly. The site at offer much detail as well.

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