Types of Cemeteries

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Types of Cemeteries

When it comes time to make the choice of a burial location there are different types of cemeteries to choose from. There are primarily four types of cemeteries found in the United Sates. Each one has different considerations.

  • District Cemeteries - These cemeteries are owned and run by local governments such as cities or counties. They are usually open to all residents of the area who can afford to pay the fees for a plot. There may be restrictions on how many plots can be owned by one person or family.

  • Religious Cemeteries - Religious organizations often own and run cemeteries. These are usually open to members of the specific religion. Many times they are adjacent to a church or other religious facility but do not have to be.

  • Private Cemeteries - Private individual or corporations run many cemeteries. They generally have no religious affiliation and are open to anyone. They may have sections devoted to different religious denominations. These are run as for profit businesses.

  • Veterans' Cemeteries - Veterans cemeteries are run specifically by the government for the burial of veterans and sometimes their families. There are restrictions on who can be buried in which cemetery. For more information on the specifics please refer to the Department of Veterans Affairs website.



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