Inexpensive Funeral Options

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Inexpensive Funeral Options

When the economy is in a down turn it can be difficult to find the money to cover funeral expenses. The cost of an average funeral including burial is close to $10,000. If covering an expense like that is not possible, there are some less expensive options.

  • Consider donating the body to science. If a medical school or scientific institution accepts the donation they will usually pay to have it cremated and returned to the family after the body has been studied.

  • Look into direct cremation. This type of cremation is offered by some funeral homes as well as organizations like the Neptune Society. In a direct cremation, the body is picked up and taken directly to the crematorium. There is no funeral or visitation. The cost for one of these cremations usually starts around $700 depending where you are.

  • If you opt for a traditional funeral and burial there are ways to save there as well. Caskets are a major expense. You can make your own for much less than purchasing one and it is allowed. Look for a burial plot in a public cemetery run by the city or county, the fees are usually much less than private cemeteries.



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