Memorial Space Flights

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How can I help my child cope with the death of his/her sibling?

Memorial Space Flights

Your loved one may have always dreamed of going into space. He may have watched every space launch with wonder and excitement. Now you can launch part of their cremated remains into space.

Celestis, based in Houston, TX, is a private sector company specializing in space missions. They offer a service where a small portion of cremated remains are encapsulated and taken aboard a vehicle bound for space. Usually they are placed on satellites. The remains stay with the satellite in orbit around the earth.

They have plans to launch remains to the moon in the near future as well as plans to take them into deep space. Another service that they offer is called an Earth Rise Service. The remains go into orbit around the earth and then are returned to earth.

A gathering for family members is held at the launch site any time that remains are going into orbit. If you cannot attend in person they can arrange for the launch to be viewed via web cast.



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