Create a Memorial Website

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How can I memorialize my Child?

Create a Memorial Website

Create a memorial web site in memory of your loved one. Once the activities of the funeral services have ended you may find yourself wanting to organize your thoughts and memories. Creating a memorial website allows you to do so. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. It will also provide a focal point for others who wish to remember them.

Creating a memorial site can be as simple as using a free blogging platform like Blogger. The beauty of using a blog is that it is easy to continue to add content. You can ad as few or as many photos as you wish. If you enable comments others will be able to come and share their thoughts and feelings as well. The memorial can grow and evolve over time.

There are websites that are set up to be memorial sites. Most of these sites charge a fee for the service. One of the advantages of using these sites is that they are know for hosting memorials and your memorial may be found easier. The sites are set up with templates for you to follow to help you set up the memorial page. A quick Google search for memorial pages or memorila websites will bring up many of these paid sites.



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