Types of Cemetery Plots

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Types of Cemetery Plots

After the decision has been made to use a cemetery the next decision is what type of burial plot to purchase. There are four main types of cemetery plots to choose from. Not all options will be available at all cemeteries.

  • In Ground Plots - Burial in the ground is the traditional method of burial that most people in the United States are familiar with. An in ground burial plot will usually accommodate one burial. In some cases cemeteries will allow a casket to be placed on top of another in one plot.

  • Mausoleums - Mausoleums are above ground structures that are designed to hold one or more caskets. They can be private and designed to hold the members of one family. Other mausoleums are large and spaces are purchased individually.

  • Lawn Crypts - Lawn crypts are essentially mausoleums underground. Individual cemeteries may handle them differently but essentially a concrete structure is placed underground that will accommodate multiple caskets. They can be built to accommodate the number of future burials that are anticipated.

  • Columbarium Niches - Cremated remains can be places in a columbarium niche. These are structures designed with shelves or niches designed to display urns.



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