An Underwater Cemetery

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An Underwater Cemetery

The first underwater cemetery can be found in the waters off Key Biscayne, FL. Neptune Memorial Reef is designed to be both a final resting place and an underwater haven for sea creatures.

The underwater cemetery contains arches, columns, gates, benches and statues laid out in a form reminiscent of a sunken city. These elements are on the scale of a real city and are meant to be swum through and enjoyed.It covers 16 acres. Designed by artist Kim Brandell Neptune Memorial Reef is a peaceful resting place as well as a beautiful place to visit.

The Neptune Society is the nation's largest cremation company and came up with the idea. Cremated remains are mixed into concrete in the shape of sea creatures or other appropriate shapes and set into the scene. The locations are mapped and can be visited. They have only recently opened and there is enough space to accommodate burials for years.

Neptune Memorial Reef is becoming a favorite dive spot for divers outside of those paying their respects to loved ones.



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