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Mummification is again being offered as a means to preserve the human body. An organization called Summum is offering the service. They have been perfecting their process since approximately 1975. The organization and it's process have been widely covered in the media.

While they are calling the process mummification, the body is not dried out as it was in Egyptian times. They use a chemical process. Rather than dried, the body is left looking more lifelike. The body is left in a tank of the chemicals for several months.

The Summum organization bases their beliefs on ancient Egyptian rituals. They perform a ritual that they call the rites of Transferance while the process is being done. After removal, the mummification continues with the body being bathed, dried, wrapped in gauze and then wrapped in polyurethane. It is then encased in resin and fiberglass. The final steps include encasing it in a mummiform which is then filled with an amber resin for a final seal.



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