Sending Funeral Flowers to the Funeral Home

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Sending Funeral Flowers to the Funeral Home

Sending funeral flowers is often the first thing considered when hearing of a death. It is a beautiful way to let the family of the departed person know that they are in your thoughts.

The first step should be to determine whether the family is accepting flowers. Some families prefer that donations be made to a specified charity in lieu of funeral flowers.

If you have decided to send sympathy flowers there are some steps that you need to take.

  • Have the funeral home name and address in hand before contacting the funeral florist.

  • Contact a florist that has experience with funerals. They will be familiar with the flowers and styles that are appropriate for the religious denomination.

  • Immediate family members such as the spouse or child usually purchase the casket spray to adorn the casket.

  • Other family members traditionally purchase large pieces such as a flower covered cross or heart.

  • Friends or coworkers traditionally donate items such as standing sprays or baskets to be displayed at the viewing and funeral.

  • Most funeral homes do not accept delivery of food or fruit baskets.

An experienced funeral florist will be able to guide you in what is appropriate considering your relationship with the deceased or family.



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